Our Programs


Behind-the-scenes programming.

Operational staff keeps a school running, so these roles need to be properly staffed and trained. Our operational programming offerings include a number of business office departmental functions, particularly tailored to an educational setting. We offer a range of services from school accounting, HR and staffing, IT, to staff evaluations and superintendent services.

What we do.

School Accounting

GPS Solutions offers full-service school accounting, budget development, board finance reporting, and school/district finance strategic planning.


GPS Solutions offers full-service IT coordination, programming, infrastructure, device management and ERATE services.

Facilities Management

GPS Solutions offers full-service facilities management. We coordinate facilities vendors, custodial/maintenance and can help schools navigate permitting a new facility.

Strategic Planning

GPS Solutions Coordinators and Directors work with school leaders, boards, and organization leaders to create 3-5 year strategic plans.

Staff Evaluations

GPS Solutions uses nationally recognized and state-mandated teacher and leader evaluation protocols. We are able to provide training on evaluation protocols and/or administer them in schools/districts.

Superintendent Training

GPS Solutions offers targeted and focused training, level-5 leadership services, and Superintendent recruitment services.

School Board Development

GPS Solutions offers school boards best-in-class training sessions that prepare them to set policy, govern and hold leadership/management accountable.

School Compliance

GPS Solutions will handle all school/District related compliance tasks including state, federal and authorizer compliance.

HR Services

GPS Solutions offers HR department leadership, staffing, compliance, benefits administration, employee recruitment, on-boarding, and training.

School Staffing

GPS Solutions offers schools and academies full-service staffing and employee leasing with competitive benefits.

Pupil Accounting

GPS Solutions offers pupil accounting services and training. We can provide Student Information Management support, as well as local, state, federal and authorizer reporting.

Project Development

GPS Solutions Specialists work with visionary teachers, leaders, schools and non-profits on the design and implementation of innovative projects/programs.

The GPS Solutions staff have been well-received by school staff and teachers and have made consistent progress towards the goals for which they were hired. During my time working with GPS Solutions, they have shown respect for our position as an independent charter school and tailored our agreement with them to meet the unique needs of Branch Line School. I highly recommend GPS Solutions if you are looking for a company with high educational standards and one that uses evidence- and data-based practice.
Shauna Hill
Board President
Branch Line School