Who we serve.

Nonprofit Organizations

Teaching learners of all ages.

We're proud to support community groups that enable learners of all ages. Whether that's helping to implement youth programing in schools, supporting and engaging student's families or getting down to the nuts and bolts of strategic planning, we truly believe that a community benefits from a team effort. Some of our projects include: project development and training, strategic planning, community-based implementation in schools, parent/family support and engagement, and adjudicated youth programs.

What we do.

From a single classroom to an entire district, our customizable programs create solutions that fit your needs and meet your goals. We address the present, as well as the future. We implement programs that speak to all your stakeholders, and we do that by working with you as a partner.

Project Development

GPS Solutions Specialists work with visionary teachers, leaders, schools and non-profits on the design and implementation of innovative projects/programs.

Strategic Planning

GPS Solutions Coordinators and Directors work with school leaders, boards, and organization leaders to create 3-5 year strategic plans.

Youth Programs

GPS Solutions offers schools, non-profits and adjudicated youth facilities targeted and focused academic, social emotional, Restorative programs and services.

Restorative Practices

GPS Solutions Restorative Practices Intro and Circles training to staff, schools and districts. We also provide Restorative Listening Circles to build culture and community while repairing relationships.

Social Emotional Learning

GPS Solutions offers a 5-Step process to help schools to build social emotional muscle in schools and districts. We offer SEL intro training, trauma sensitive training, Restorative Practices and mindfulness programming.


GPS Solutions full and part time counseling services to support students, staff, leaders and implement school-wide programs.

Case Studies

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"The (GPS Solutions) team understands what the Kitchen of Life is looking to accomplish and I know that you are the perfect group to make it happen. You are breathing life into this project and moving us closer to our goal. I am looking forward to changing and saving lives together!"
Shea Kaltman
Project Lead
Kitchen of Life