Who we serve.

Public Schools

Driving culture.

We support public schools working to drive culture, streamline operations, and student outcomes. Our academic programs address hard skill needs, like literacy, and we also teach social emotional learning, trauma management and restorative practices. We know that early intervention is key when it comes to reaching struggling students, so our training and coaching for teachers and principals is beneficial in setting students on the right path.

What we do.

From a single classroom to an entire district, our customizable programs create solutions that fit your needs and meet your goals. We address the present, as well as the future. We implement programs that speak to all your stakeholders, and we do that by working with you as a partner.

Launch Into Literacy

GPS Solutions' Launch Into Literacy program includes literacy needs analysis, core training, and intensive hands-on coaching. We focus on phonics and creating individual reading plans for all students.

Social Emotional Learning

GPS Solutions offers a 5-Step process to help schools to build social emotional muscle in schools and districts. We offer SEL intro training, trauma sensitive training, Restorative Practices and mindfulness programming.

Restorative Practices

GPS Solutions Restorative Practices Intro and Circles training to staff, schools and districts. We also provide Restorative Listening Circles to build culture and community while repairing relationships.

After-School Programs

GPS Solutions offers after school academic tutoring and student engagement programming catering to a wide variety of student interests.

Before-School Programs

GPS Solutions offers before school academic tutoring and student engagement programming.

Cognitive Behavioral Approaches

GPS Solutions teachers teachers, staff, leaders and parents how to help students challenge negative thoughts, create a more positive outlook and navigate challenging events.


GPS Solutions full and part time counseling services to support students, staff, leaders and implement school-wide programs.

Curriculum Development & Mapping

GPS Solutions offers curriculum, scope and map development for schools. Additionally we provide training on how to unpack standards, lesson plan and create courses.

Data-Driven Decisionmaking

GPS Solutions teachers teachers and staff how to capture, analyze and use student data to drive instruction and transform the classroom.

Instructional and Leadership Coaching

GPS Solutions offers hands-on, job embedded training and coaching for teachers and leaders. Using the GPS Solutions 3-Quotients Protocol, Coaches support and monitor "Change" "Lift" and "Capacity"


GPS Solutions offers full-service IT coordination, programming, infrastructure, device management and ERATE services.

Math & Reading Intervention

GPS Solutions offers targeted and focused, research-based math and literacy intervention using a variety of tools and curricular resources.

Multi-Tiered System of Support

GPS Solutions offers training, processes and procedures to implement a school-wide MTSS process/program. We can also staff the Tiered Intervention program with Coordinators and skilled Interventionists.

Project Development

GPS Solutions Specialists work with visionary teachers, leaders, schools and non-profits on the design and implementation of innovative projects/programs.

School Board Development

GPS Solutions offers school boards best-in-class training sessions that prepare them to set policy, govern and hold leadership/management accountable.

School Compliance

GPS Solutions will handle all school/District related compliance tasks including state, federal and authorizer compliance.

School Improvement Planning

GPS Solutions offers leadership, training and support to successfully run consistent, compliance school improvement processes and reporting.

Small Group Instruction

GPS Solutions offers training on using collaborative, differentiated groups in classrooms.

Staff Evaluations

GPS Solutions uses nationally recognized and state-mandated teacher and leader evaluation protocols. We are able to provide training on evaluation protocols and/or administer them in schools/districts.

Summer School Programs

GPS Solutions offers engaging, thematic summer school programming that includes academic, social-emotional and enrichment activities.

Strategic Planning

GPS Solutions Coordinators and Directors work with school leaders, boards, and organization leaders to create 3-5 year strategic plans.

Superintendent Training

GPS Solutions offers targeted and focused training, level-5 leadership services, and Superintendent recruitment services.

Trauma Sensitive School

GPS Solutions offers training sessions and direct services to students, staff, leaders and parents on navigating the effects of trauma.

Unpacking Standards

GPS Solutions offers training on unpacking and scaffolding standards-based instruction.

Youth Programs

GPS Solutions offers schools, non-profits and adjudicated youth facilities targeted and focused academic, social emotional, Restorative programs and services.

Student Leadership Development

GPS Solutions works with teachers and administrators in the implementation of programs that build leadership capacity and resilience in students.

Case Studies

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“GPS Solutions has been an integral part of Light of the World Academy’s charter school since its inception in 2015. The educational and curriculum team at GPS Solutions is exceptional. They bring years of experience and wisdom with them, and that has helped our school grow and thrive. Their team is made up of former teachers, principals and superintendents, and they bring that invaluable insight and hands-on experience to the process. They’ve been a true partner every step of the way. GPS Solutions has always ensured that every decision would be made through the lens of staying true to our mission and vision.”
Kathy Moorehouse
Montessori Director
Light of the World Academy