May 9, 2022

GPS Solutions Brings Community Agencies Together in First-Ever Coordinated “Meet and Greet” Event!

GPS Solutions Brings Community Agencies Together in First-Ever Coordinated “Meet and Greet” Event!

The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated families across Michigan- particularly in areas of profound need.  Pandemic relief dollars have gone a long way in providing schools with additional resources to pull groups into schools for support.  What has been missing has been focused, comprehensive coordination of those programs to ensure that support is implemented with fidelity and that desired outcomes are reached.  To this end, GPS Solutions and George Washington Carver Academy Leadership have joined together to ensure that community organizations are engaged, aligned, coordinated, presenting data, and remaining strategic planning partners through the process.

On April 8th, 2022, over 22 community-based, wrap around programs were brought together in the name of supporting students and their families from George Washington Carver Academy in Highland Park, Michigan.  GPS Solutions hosted the event at their Michigan office in the Onyx Building in Southfield.  

GPS Solutions Intervention Coordinator, Dr. Theresa Edwards, and GPS Solutions Impact Unit Director, Tareia Caldwell brought the partners together along with support from George Washington Carver Academy leadership and GPS Solutions Impact Team members.

The “Meet and Greet” kick off was a tremendous success!  Highlights included:

-Welcome and vision setting from Sylvia Brown, Superintendent

-Learning, fellowship, and deep reflection on what it will take for the multiple community organizations to come together in a focused way

-Every partner sharing their personal passions and connection to GWCA, the school's mission, and the scholars

-100% satisfaction expressed by all community partners according to the exit survey completed by 90% of attendees

Highlights from the Partner Survey included:

"The presentation was vibrant, and the speakers were extremely engaging!"

"I love the collaborative discussions."

"Most of all, I loved seeing how passionate each partner was about the work they do with Carver Scholars!"

"Very informative and entertaining."

The GPS Solutions Team wants to thank all the program partners and George Washington Carver staff for making this first-ever off site kick off event a tremendous event.  Together, we are certain that our aligned, coordinated and monitored efforts will elevate all GWCA students and their families!