January 25, 2022

GPS Solutions trains school staff on a Cognitive Behavioral Approach

GPS Solutions trains school staff on a Cognitive Behavioral Approach

Westside Christian Academy (Detroit, Michigan)

In January 2022, staff of Westside Christian Academy (Detroit, MI) participated in a GPS Solutions training on utilizing a "Cognitive Behavioral Approach" (CBA) to improve learning outcomes for students. The GPS Solutions CBA training equips teachers and parents with strategies to respond to various forms of childhood trauma, depression, and anxiety that can impact learning in the classroom. Facilitated by GPS Solutions Specialist Andrei Nichols, the staff of Westside Christian Academy engaged in various interactive, team building exercises and discussions to help build emotional intelligence.  

CBA is based on the concept that our thoughts, feelings and actions are tied together. Many situations activate thoughts, feelings and actions and there is always a possibility that the assumptions we form from our thoughts (the stories we tell ourselves) are unhelpful. These assumptions derive from interactions that can result in feelings of fear, shame, sadness, anger and usually hurt.  The Cognitive Behavioral Approach is a powerful way to stay mindful, untwist negative thoughts and send the body more positive, productive messages.

The Cognitive Behavioral Approach, along with a range of trainings from GPS Solutions, allows teachers to remain present and effectively meet the increasing social emotional needs of our students.