January 3, 2022

Restorative Practices Training at GPS Solutions

Restorative Practices Training at GPS Solutions

As we begin 2022, GPS Solutions is ramping up Restorative Practices training in traditional public, private and charter schools for winter and spring.  Additionally, GPS Solutions is training teams of special education teachers and support services practitioners.  According to the International Institute for Restorative Practices, the aim of Restorative Practices is “to develop community and to manage conflict and tensions by repairing harm and building relationships”

GPS Solutions CEO, Dr. Chris Plum, stated, “With COVID still looming, GPS Solutions believes that now is a critical time to reconnect people in schools and communities.  We shouldn’t assume that people know how to support others through this strange and often tragic COVID era.”

GPS Solutions Specialists are certified trainers through the International Institute and have been training teachers, school leaders and non-profit agencies for over a decade.  Recently, GPS Solutions trained a team of special education teachers and leaders, speech pathologists, school psychologists, intervention coordinators and tutors.  Training included use of "Affective Language," working through circles, watching and reflecting on schools that have effectively implemented Restorative Practices, and role playing Restorative scenarios with “Affective Questions.” These carefully formulated questions allow people to express themselves safely and resolve issues without being judged or humiliated.

After the day-long Introduction to Restorative Practices training, participants evaluated the experience.  100% of the participants agreed, or strongly agreed, with the following statements:

“The instructor was knowledgeable about the content”

“The instructor was an effective facilitator”

“I examined my own practice”

“I learned how to apply these practices to my work/life”

Here were some of the comments from participants:

“I’ll practice using this in the school.  It will be beneficial for everyone”

“I will use Restorative Practices in my personal and professional relationships”

“Storytelling made the concepts real”

“I plan to implement what I’ve learned by telling everyone I know about Restorative Practices”

Please contact GPS Solutions to set up your Restorative Practices training day for the winter and spring!