October 4, 2021

GPS Solutions Team Supports Baldwin Community Schools with a Superintendent Search.

Christopher Plum, Ph.D.
Photo by Dr. Chris Plum

The Baldwin Community School Board is looking to take a non-traditional approach to hiring their next Superintendent. They have engaged GPS Solutions to lead a nation-wide search for their next District Leader. In addition to the content knowledge necessary to run the District, the Board is concerned with the to-be-named leader’s ability to inspire a culture of equity and change while also possessing the ability to make those around them more emotionally intelligent. GPS Solutions’ process has included screening, phone interviews, Board interview and also a non-traditional approach they call, “The Town Hall.” GPS Solutions CEO, Dr. Chris Plum says, “The Hiring Town Hall is a way for not just Board members, but also teachers, students and parents an opportunity to vet candidates and get engaged in a fair process around hiring. “One of the most exciting parts of the day,” he commented, “is watching the candidates work together to solve problems and creatively plan a project that they actually present as a team back to the Town Hall participant panel! You really get a chance to see what a candidate is all about, how they share power, how they lead and if they actually know when to follow!”

Christopher Plum, Ph.D.

Dr. Plum is co-owner of GPS Solutions and has served as an elementary, middle school, high school and university educator as well as an assistant principal, principal, chief academic officer, and superintendent.  Dr. Plum holds a Ph.D. in K-12 Educational Leadership and an M.A. in Educational Psychology. He has served as both a teacher and an administrator in charter, traditional public, and private schools for nearly 30 years.  As a building and district-level leader, Dr. Plum was responsible for creating a district- wide vision of readiness for all students, directing support services programming, leading school improvement, creating curricula, leading NCA accreditation, launching a district-wide K-12 Mandarin Language Program, creating innovative staffing programs, and successfully launching and staffing a high school in Detroit which graduated nearly 100% of its students and sent over 90% of graduates to 2-4 year colleges and universities. He is most proud of his on-going work aimed at restoring and growing learners of ages, building community in and outside of school walls, and positively impacting the field of education.